Can medicines be sold at discount like clothes: Chemists ask
Chemists in Karnataka have raised pertinent questions before the health ministry and the drugs controller, following advertisements issued by online drug portals in media offering discounts.

The advertisements are being seen in newspapers and heard on FM radio, even as some pharmacies in the city are flaunting boards offering discounts up to 20%.

Though the rulebook does not permit discounts in drug sales, the government is yet to wake up to the same. Contemplating filing a public interest litigation in the matter, the chemists have even written to the government, asking, “Is it permissible to advertise a pharma brand or offer discounts on medicines? Does the Drugs and Cosmetic Act allow promotion of drug brands?”

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Dr. R●●●n D●●●i
Dr. R●●●n D●●●i Anaesthesiology
Little ironic then that most chemists that I have visited have been happily offering 10-15\% discount themselves for years
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Dr. m●●●l c●●●●●●i
Dr. m●●●l c●●●●●●i Radiology
When drug prices are increased by 200 to 2000\% than it is ok to give 20\% discount.
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Dr. S●●●●●p K●●e
Dr. S●●●●●p K●●e Hospital Administration
Monopoly is getting destroyed in all sectors and Pharmacy is not an exception . Better face the change and adopt accordingly. Look at the example of idea, Vodafone & Airtel which are struck badly by JIO. Proactive steps in right direction is what needed.
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