Can you Diagnose ?
Apeksha Mathe
Can you Diagnose ?
18 Year male came with chief complaints of
1. Bilateral lower limb swelling since one month
2. Fever with chills since 2 days
3. Abdominal Pain since 3 day. Swelling Started on Face and then gradually progressed to ankle. Fever continuous, of moderate grade associated with chills
• No h/o chest pain, palpitation,dyspnea on excretion, breathlessness
• No h/o vomiting, diarrhoea
• No h/o Diabetes, Hypertension
• No h/o Alcohol consumption, drug abuse, smoking.
General Examination:
Well oriented and conscious
? Pulse: 80/min
? Blood Pressure: 120/70 mm of Hg
? Temperature: 102 degree Fahrenheit
? No P/I/C/K/L
? Edema: Positive, Grade: IV,Pitting
Systemic Examination:
1) CVS: S1,S2 normal, no murmur heard
2) RS: Dull note on percussion over lower lobe of left lung, Normal breathing sounds
3) Abdomen: Distended, no pain and tender, Shifting Dullness present
4) CNS: All reflexes present
Haemoglobin: 11.9gm/dl
Serum Creatinine: 1.2mg/dl
Albumin: 2.10 gm/dl
Total protein: 4.28 gm/dl
Color: Pale Yellow
Appearance: foamy
Specific Gravity: 1.036
Albumin: ++
Proteins: 4.9/1200ml
USG 1) Moderate Ascites. 2) Cystitis.3) Left mild Pleural Effusion.
Cholesterol: 430.1 ,TGA: 371 ,HDL Cholesterol: 58.1
LDL Cholesterol: 328 ,VLDL: 74.2

What is probable Diagnosis?
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G●●●●v G●●g
G●●●●v G●●g General Medicine
Acute glomerulonephritis
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Dr. J●●●●●●e S●●●●r
Dr. J●●●●●●e S●●●●r Internal Medicine
Nephrotic syndrome
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A●●●●●●●n H●●●●r
A●●●●●●●n H●●●●r General Medicine
Nephrotic syndrome. Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis can be cause of fever and must be ruled out.
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