Can you crack this code?
Hospitals across the world often use codes - "Code Red," "Code Blue," "Code Black" to immediately alert the entire staff working at the facility with minimal misunderstanding.
So in case of an emergency, can you decode the message ?
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K●●j G●r
K●●j G●r General Medicine
Are they used in india? i have seen them in house
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Dr. T●●●h P●●●l
Dr. T●●●h P●●●l General Medicine
Orange: mass casualties Red: fire Blue: cardiac arrest Pink: pediatric emergency Grey: system failure Black: suspicious obj(not sure)
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Dr. s●●●●●l n●●●●n
Dr. s●●●●●l n●●●●n General Medicine
Red- fire, blue- cardio / respiratory arrest, white - violent behavior / aggression - immediate security alert black - bomb threats pink - pediatric emergency yellow/ amber- missing person / infant or child abduction green- emergency evacuation orange - external disaster ( chemical , biological,radiological disaster) mass casualties grey- infrastructure failure or system failure brown - hazardous materials spillage purple - hostage taking silver - person with weapon ... Read more
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