Capillary haemangioma of fallopian tube: a dangerous inciden
Haemangiomas are tumors of vascular origin. They are frequently observed in soft tissue and skin. Vascular tumors of female pelvic organs are extremely rare. Although, majority of these lesions are detected incidentally, they can mimic various benign and malignant lesions clinically and radiologically.

Fallopian tube capillary haemangioma is very rare benign neoplasm. The present case has been reported in the International Journal of Reproduction, Contraception, Obstetrics and Gynecology. A 44-year-old female with menorrhagia, underwent hysterectomy with bilateral salpingoopherectomy. Both the fallopian tubes were grossly unremarkable.

Microscopic examination revealed a well circumscribed vascular neoplasm, consistent with capillary haemangioma, CD34 immunostaining highlighted the vascular endothelium.

Major takeaway:-
- Although benign in nature, haemangioma of the fallopian tube can present with complications.

- Surgeon and pathologist must be observant while
examining the fallopian tube. Rarely, rupture of benign
haemangioma of fallopian tube may lead to fatal

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