Capsule #4 - Nanorobotics - There’s plenty of room at the bo
Dr. Ahmed Farooq
Capsule #4 - Nanorobotics - There’s plenty of room at the bottom! | 30 minute read
'Imagine someday instead of prescribing a pill or giving a shot for persistent fever, you refer your patient to a special medical team which implants a tiny robot into the patient's bloodstream. The robot detects the cause of the fever, travels to the appropriate system and provides a dose of medication directly to the infected area'

Surprisingly, we're not that far off from seeing devices like this actually used in medical procedures. They're called nanorobots and engineering teams around the world are working to design robots that will eventually be used to treat everything from hemophilia to cancer..

Read on to understand what is Nanotechnology, what are the various clinical applications of Nanorobotics and what challenges lie ahead...
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