Case Report: Spontaneous Rupture of the Ankle Extensor Retin
A 25-year-old, otherwise healthy female patient was referred to our clinic with a history of right ankle pain present for one and a half years, which was exacerbated with dorsiflexion, which lasted for one and a half years. The patient was a recreational runner and denied any trauma or steroid intake, and she did not complain of ankle instability either. Clinically a tense band was noted in relation to the tibialis anterior tendon, which seemed to bowstring. The local skin presented with a slight erythema and the subcutaneous adipose tissue appeared atrophied, as well as other muscles of the anterolateral compartment on the leg. She had pain related to the tibialis anterior tendon with dorsiflexion, and there was no palpable defect in the extensor retinaculum. She had no ankle instability.Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance showed a rupture of the superior portion of the extensor retinaculum, and full integrity of the extensor and dorsiflexors muscles and tendons.The laboratory exams, including rheumatological studies, where non remarkable. The patient failed a two month course of conservative treatment including rest, brace and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

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