Case of 46 y/o 'Folded Man' suffering from severe Ankylosing
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In China, doctors at the Shenzhen University General Hospital conducted multiple surgeries on a ‘folded man’ in order to help him stand once again. Li Hua -- a 46-year old -- had been suffering from a severe kind of ankylosing spondylitis.

• Ankylosing spondylitis, also known as Bechterew's disease is a condition where inflammatory arthritis affects the spine and large joints. Ankylosing means fusing of the bone.

• This basically causes a reduction in flexibility in the spine, making it difficult for individuals to stand up or even move properly. Also causes the bone to weaken and body, in response, the body produces extra calcium to grow more bone, connecting joints that aren’t supposed to be connected.

• In Li Hua’s situation, three parts of his body were connected, resulting in the fold -- his chin to his chest, his breastbone to his pubic bone, and his face to his thigh bone.

• Prepping for surgeries: Tao Huiren was the doctor, analysed Li’s condition and took two weeks to work out a plan of action. The doctor planned four massive surgeries.

1. Femoral Osteotomy - 3 hours
Breaking & reconstructing thigh bones, allowed space between Li Hua’s face & thighs to increase

2. Cervical Osteotomy - 6 hours
Breaking & reconstructing cervical spine which helped him to lift his head

3. Lumbar Spine Osteotomy - 10 hours
Broke & reconstructed lumbar spine to help him stand up on his own legs

4. Hip joint replacement - 7 hours
To help him stand up without any support

• The risk involved in the surgeries was pretty high as it could result in Li Hua to become paraplegic, undergo hemorrhagic shock due to extreme blood loss and even die during the surgery.

• Months of rehabilitation: While the surgeries were now completed, the next stage was rehabilitation, which involved physiotherapy. In the 28 years of his condition, his muscles shrunk considerably and physiotherapy was crucial to bring him back on track.

After nearly a year of staying away from his home, and undergoing treatments at the hospital, Li Hua was finally ready to face the world on his two legs.

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Sir ,I am so glad to listen such a wonderful plan of action in reconstructing an entire new body by giving him new life
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Great it is. Well done sir.
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Much appreciated ♥️
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