Case of Intraparotid Schwannoma
Harkesh Zalavadiya
Case of Intraparotid Schwannoma
A 7-year-old female was brought to ENT opd
with right?sided parotid swelling of 1 year duration. Initially, the swelling was small in size that gradually and painlessly increased. The patient had no other complaints and no significant family history.

O/E the swelling was 10 cm × 9 cm × 7 cm in size, firm in consistency, had bosselated appearance, was mobile and the skin over the swelling was mobile. A clinical diagnosis of parotid tumour was made. Cytology revealed to be a benign parotid tumour. Since the mass was large in size and patient was a child, a computed tomography (CT) scan was advised. CT scan suggested a well?defined, lobulated, homogeneous, mildly enhancing soft tissue lesion with loss of interface with the masseter muscle and multiple small lymph nodes.

A provisional diagnosis of pleomorphic adenoma was made, and superficial parotidectomy planned. Anterior dissection the tumour was found to originate from the buccal and zygomatic branches of the facial nerve. The mass was removed successfully with careful dissection.The gross appearance of the tumour was like a brain tissue histopathologically, it was confirmed to be an intraparotid shwannoma. So The patient had postoperative (after 3 months of surgery) facial weakness. (courtesy: Dr Ajitkumar Khilnani)
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But xerostomia is always associated with all benign swellings.....isn't it so??
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I dont know Shreyansh
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Nice case
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