Case of pleomorphic adenoma in the postauricular area
Although heterotopic salivary tumors were reported in various regions of the head and neck, they are seldom found in the superio-posterior neck region. Published in the Journal of Dental Sciences, the authors present a rare case of a heterotopic pleomorphic adenoma in the postauricular area and remind clinicians that heterotopic salivary tumors should be in the differential diagnosis of neck masses.

A 32-year-old healthy woman was referred for an evaluation of a painless, slowly growing mass behind her right ear, which she first noticed 3 years before. A physical examination revealed a painless, firm, well-defined, 3 × 2-cm mass with intact overlying cervical skin in the postauricular region.

The preoperative differential diagnosis included a heterotopic salivary gland tumor, neck lymphadenopathy, a cyst, and, less likely, a malignant tumor. An excisional biopsy was planned and was carried out under general anesthesia. Intraoperatively, the skin flap was elevated along the posterior border of the mass.

The lesion was found to be solitary and deep in the investing layer of the deep cervical fascia without sinus tract formation. The mass was easily dissected from the surrounding fascia and was completely excised from the neck.

The specimen was a firm, well-encapsulated tumor, measuring 2.5 × 2 × 2 cm. A microscopic analysis of the tumor revealed a combination of glandular epithelium and mesenchyme-like tissues without malignant change. The diagnosis was a heterotopic pleomorphic adenoma in the postauricular area. The patient was followed-up for 1 year without recurrence.

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