Case report: epidermoid inclusion cyst of the clitoris as a
Female genital mutilation is a common procedure in sub-Saharan Africa that causes serious short- and long-term complications. Although physicians can overcome these complications sometimes, they can be very confusing to diagnose. In this report, we discuss the surgical management of a patient with an epidermal inclusion cyst of the clitoris as a long-term complication of type III female genital mutilation.

A healthy 43-year-old African woman who was a nonsmoker and nonalcoholic presented with a large genital mass causing difficulty in urination and sexual discomfort. The patient had three full-term spontaneous vaginal deliveries without any complications. Perineal examination revealed a 6 × 10-cm, well-circumscribed, mobile, nontender, rounded cystic swelling in the right periclitoral area that was obstructing the urinary meatus and vaginal introitus. A surgical procedure was performed for total excision of the clitoral mass. Pathological findings showed an epidermoid inclusion cyst.

Source: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2019 13:109

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