Celebrating those who made us!

Celebrating those who made us!

Teachers form the foundation upon which our lives have been built. For a lot of us, there is always this one teacher who has had a profound impact. Somewhere on your way towards becoming a doctor, they left an indelible mark of themselves in your journey. And that’s why it is neither late, nor enough to thank them for their contribution.

To mark this Teacher’s Day, PlexusMD enabled channeling of this emotion into a beautiful gesture. While we celebrate and wish a very Happy Teacher’s Day, we take this opportunity to thank the doctors who came in scores to pour their gratitude through a note for their teachers. We have received an overwhelming number of messages from doctors across India. Each of these heart-warming messages has been made into a beautiful e-card and will be sent by PlexusMD to the said teacher. Here sharing some messages dedicated to the teachers that will surely make their day!

(Names of the teacher whom the messages are meant for have been mentioned)

To Prof.Dr. S. Natarajan
Chairman and Managing Director – Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital, Mumbai

"The good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates and the great teacher inspires. Thank you, sir for always inspiring me; sometimes through words, sometimes by actions and sometimes just by being there. All the lessons, however small or big they were, which I learnt from you, mainly during my fellowship, keep guiding me. You have truly touched and changed my life & perspective. You will always remain my guru. On this day, I wish I can make you proud someday."

To Dr. Pankaj Shah
The Gujarat Cancer Society, Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad

"Honestly, I send my heart-felt greetings and good wishes on this special day for all the help and the guidance so that I could successfully perform the life saving yet the dangerous procedure of lung pleural biopsies procedure in 20 patients. Incidentally, I am also the pioneer of this original research work."

To Dr. Mahadev Desai
Senior Consultant Physician, Ahmedabad

"I am lucky to have had the opportunity to learn Medicine from you so closely over the years. You have taught the subject, the cases and the principles but most of all, what I shall never forget is the approach to a patient or a problem. Your emphasis on doing the right thing, principles above all and unconditional ethics in practice of Medicine are my biggest learnings from you. Thank you very much :)."

To Dr. Makarand Khubalkar
Government Medical College, Akola

"Sir, I still remember the first interaction with you at Akola Station when we were in third major MBBS and were returning from Amravati. You had a smile on your face when we had met and that smile is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about you sir. That smile had some innocence, truth and a different eternal feeling. The next few interactions didn’t go that well and I was shortlisted under less attendance in general surgery because I had been late in almost all the lectures and would enter the class after taking down of the attendance was done. Post this, I was never ever late. You have taught me punctuality as I had given a written promise to you. We learnt general surgery from you and I know 90 % of our complementary and alternative medicine workshop group are general surgeons today only because you were there during our final two years. Otherwise, surgery was a subject, we never had interest in. I have learnt not only lessons of general surgery but also lessons of life from you sir. When life was ready to crush my backbone, I had the attitude and patience to withstand that time and stand up tall again only because of you. Whenever the term ‘the best teacher’ is mentioned/heard, the first name that comes to my mind is yours. Thank you, sir for coming to our lives and planting the seeds in our hearts that have just started to grow upon."

To Dr. Kumkum Avasthi,
SPS Apollo Hospitals, Ludhiana

"Thank you ma'am for all the knowledge that you showered on us. You laid our foundation for the future. You actually saved us from vanishing after our mentor had left. It would have not been possible to clear DNB without your guidance." 

To Dr. Maya Tandon
SMS Medical College, Jaipur

"The theoretical and practical intricacies of anaesthesia I have learned from you as also the energy and zeal you spend in completing every task that you set as a goal..... has inspired me throughout my career! Thank you very much for all the wisdom, love and blessings you have always showered on me."

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