Cell division study opens new leads against hard-to-treat ca
A protein that controls cell division also has a key role in switching genes on and off, scientists have found, in a discovery which could reinvent cancer treatment.

The protein phosphatase, Repo-Man is one of a clutch of key proteins in cell division, an essential process that goes into overdrive in cancer.

Now researchers at Brunel University London have found Repo-Man is also crucial in controlling mechanisms that switch genes on or off after cells divide.

The study, in Nature Communications, is the first to flag up Repo-Man as an epigenetic regulator.

"This is another component of the epigenetic landscape that people have never considered," said Brunel's Dr Paola Vagnarelli.

It may open fresh lines of attack on aggressive hard-to-treat cancers such as Triple Negative Breast Cancer, or Melanoma said Dr Vagnarelli....