Centre may agree to reduce qualifying marks in NEET-PG
Union Health Minister JP Nadda responded positively to reduce qualification marks in the NEET-2017 Post Graduation examination. He also promised to enhance the number of NEET-2017 exam centres in the State.
Following the allocation of only two examination centres - one each at Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam - the State government sought the Centre to allot more test centres for the convenience of medical course aspirants from Rayalaseema region.....
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Dr. R●●●●●h S●●●●a
Dr. R●●●●●h S●●●●a General Medicine
This change is applicable nationwide? Or just for Jammu Kashmir, Telangana and other states in south???
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Dr. B●●●l D●●●i
Dr. B●●●l D●●●i General Medicine
Although AP had requested the Centre, if implemented it will be applicable to all states
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Dr. S●●●t G●●i
Dr. S●●●t G●●i General Medicine
Reducing qualifying marks may not solve the problem of getting seats to maximum aspirants...govt should think how to reduce gap of non selected and selected...
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