Centre releases monkeypox guide
During human Monkeypox outbreaks, close contact with infected persons is the most significant risk factor for Monkeypox virus infection, said the Health Ministry, on Wednesday, while releasing a one-page guide on dos and don’t for Monkeypox. It warned that healthcare workers and household members are at a greater risk of infection. The Ministry has advised against sharing linen, bedding or towels with people who have contracted Monkeypox and not washing soiled linen or laundry of infected persons with those of non-infected individuals. It added that people should not attend public events if they exhibit symptoms of Monkeypox and refrain from stigmatizing groups of people based on misinformation.

Source: https://www.thehindu.com/sci-tech/health/health-ministry-close-contact-with-infected-persons-is-the-most-significant-risk-factor-for-monkeypox-virus-infection/article65720523.ece