Cesarean section after laparoscopic hysterosacropexy with Ri
Pelvic floor disorders are common also in young patient population. Their quality of life is lessened because of their condition, but they would also like to avoid any complicated operations. The minimal invasive procedures and fertility sparing are very important.

32 year old Caucasian female (BMI: 22,6) was admitted to our clinic in August 2016 with the following symptoms: the feeling of a foreign body in the vagina, prolapse of the bladder and stage II stress urinary incontinence. She had 2 vaginal deliveries. A gynecological examination of the pelvic organ prolapse was classified as follows: prolapse of the uterus POP-Q II, and a cystocele with a lateral defect POP-Q III, after reposition of uterus cystocele POP-Q II, urethrocele, positive cough test.

She underwent a laparoscopic hysteropexy with lateral repair and Burch operation. Effect of the operation was satisfied. It revealed an improvement in the QoL-Questionnaire PIFQ-7. In 2018 after pregnancy she underwent a cesarean section. The effect of the prolapse operation was not affected and the quality of life maintained.

Source: International Journal of Surgery case reports

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