Cetuximab + chemoradiation can cure HIV-associated anal canc
The researchers found that the three-year LRF rate was 42 percent by binomial proportional estimate using the prespecified end point of LRF or alive without LRF, and was 20 percent by Kaplan-Meier estimate using definitions and methods consistent with historical data. The three-year rates for progression-free and overall survival were 72 and 79 percent, respectively, by Kaplan-Meier estimate. Twenty-six percent had grade 4 toxicity and 4 percent had treatment-associated deaths.
"HIV-associated SCCAC is potentially curable with definitive CRT," the authors write. "Although addition of cetuximab may result in less LRF, the 20 percent recurrence and 26 percent grade 4 toxicity rates indicate the continued need for more-effective and less-toxic therapies."...