Childhood pneumonia due to brucellosis: A case report
Childhood brucellosis is a significant community health problem. It may imitate other conditions and may be misdiagnosed. Pulmonary involvement is a rare complication of childhood brucellosis.

A 23-month-old child was referred to our hospital with a 3-week history of fevers and cough. He was initially diagnosed with pneumonia. Conventional antibiotic treatment was ineffectual. Total leukocyte count was 10,300/mm3, hemoglobin was 8.5 g/dL, and platelet count was 250,000/mm3. The erythrocyte sedimentation rate and procaicltonin were 25 mm/h and 0.12 ng/mL, respectively. Chest radiography showed pneumonic infiltrate in both lungs.

The initial bacteriologic test results were negative. Ten days after admission, Brucella melitensis were isolated from the second blood culture. This child was cured with the 2-drug regimen (rifampin+trimethopicin-sulfamethoxazole) for 6 weeks. The child recovered well with no occurrence of complications. The child remained asmptomatic without any signs or symptoms at a follow-up of 1 year.

Source: Medicine: July 2019 - Volume 98 - Issue 27 - p e16247

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