Children can have COVID-19 antibodies and virus in their sys
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Children may still have the potential to transmit the novel coronavirus even if they have a measurable immune response, according to a new study which says the virus and antibodies can coexist in young patients.

Key Insights:

• The study, published in the Journal of Pediatrics, used a retrospective analysis of 6,369 children tested for COVID-19, and 215 patients who underwent antibody testing.

• According to the scientists, 33 of the 215 patients had co-testing for both the virus and antibodies during their COVID-19 disease course, with nine of the 33 showing presence in their blood while also later testing positive for the virus.

• Median time from viral positivity to negativity when the virus can no longer be detected, was 25 days.

• Median time to seropositivity was 18 days, while median time to reach adequate levels of neutralizing antibodies was 36 days.

• Patients 6 through 15 years old took a longer time to clear virus (median of 32 days) compared to patients 16 through 22 years old (median of 18 days).

• Females in 6-15 age group also took longer to clear virus than males (median of 44 days for females compared to median of 25.5 days for males).

According to lead author, the next phase of research will be to test if the virus that is present alongside the antibodies can be transmitted to other people. It also remains unknown if antibodies correlate with immunity, and how long antibodies and potential protection from reinfection last.

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