Chinese Scientists Claim COVID-19 May Have Originated in Ind
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As World Health Organisation team prepares to investigate the origin of the Covid-19 virus, a team from China’s top science institution, Chinese Academy of Sciences in a paper argues that SARS-CoV-2 likely originated in India in summer of 2019.

The researchers claims that the virus has already seen some evolution in previous transmission between humans. The least mutated strain’s geographic information and strain diversity suggest that the Indian subcontinent might be the place where the first human to human transmission occurred. Estimating the time it takes for the virus to mutate and comparing that time to the samples taken, they also claimed that the virus first emerged in July or August 2019 in the region.

The paper has not been peer-reviewed yet, uses a method called phylogenetic analysis, a technique where scientists study the mutation of the virus to trace the origins of Covid-19. According to the analysis, Wuhan is ruled out as the origin site nominating other countries like Bangladesh, the US, Greece, Australia, India, Italy, Czech Republic, Russia and Serbia.

The team also highlighted the water crisis due to heat wave from May to June 2019 in northern-central India and Pakistan which lead to deadly fight within wild animals that would have increased the chances of human-wild interactions. They also inculpated the poor healthcare and hygiene system in the subcontinent which could have lead to spread of the flu like symptoms.