Chinese restaurant syndrome
» Introduction
Chinese food and soups contain monosodium glutamate (MSG) as the main addictive ingredient. A sensitive individual may suffer from headache, giddiness, sweating, abdominal pain, and urticaria within a few hours of consumption of MSG. Angioedema may be delayed up to 8-16 h after the consumption of MSG and it may persist for 24 h. [1] This delayed life-threatening effect in the form of angioedema makes diagnosis difficult.

» Case Report
A 23-year-old male was brought to the General Hospital at Mahad, with complaints of difficulty in speaking, inability to swallow saliva, and continuous spitting. He strongly rejected taking sips of water and was afraid of water like a hydrophobic patient. He gave no history of snake bite or ptosis. The posterior pharynx could not be visualized, even after repeated attempts with depression of the tongue with a spatula. The uvula and surrounding structures, including the soft palate, were edematous. The uvula was touching the base of the tongue [Figure 1]....

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