Chlormethine Gel Shows Promising Results In Treating Mycosis
Chlormethine, or mechlorethamine, is a topical chemotherapeutic, which has been in use for mycosis fungoides since 2013. This disease accounts for the majority of cases of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. Chlormethine/mechlorethamine gel is an effective therapy; however, its use may be limited by the development of adverse cutaneous reactions. Off-label dosing modifications, as well as co-administration of topical steroids and an aggressive moisturization regimen, can be used to reduce these side-effects. Recently researchers have reported 4 cases of mycosis fungoides treated with chlormethine/mechlorethamine gel at the Comprehensive Skin Cancer Center at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. Significant irritation was seen in 2 patients but in patients with superficial erosion, improvement was seen after applying triamcinolone gel to the irritated skin. Patients showed improvement after one month and BSA involvement decreased by >95% after a year. Researchers concluded that CL gel is an effective treatment for early stage MF.

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