Claiming to be a 'specialist'
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Claiming to be a 'specialist'
Following precautions have been advised by the Court:

-Do not profess, portray, or advertise yourself as a specialist unless you have the requisite qualifications prescribed by law

-The law expects specialists to be more circumspect and judicious when giving their opinion, and any deficiency in the same could be construed as negligence

-Do not ignore requests from the patient/relatives/attendants to consult another doctor for a second opinion

-Doctors are criminally liable only if the negligent act is reckless or there has been gross negligence. In cases of simple negligence doctors could be held liable only in a civil or criminal court

-A prima facie case is enough for initiating criminal action against doctors; it is not necessary to have a foolproof case

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But no lawyer or judge is educationally qualified to be civil /criminal etc. lawyer
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Now i knw..y i feel like running away from here n wrk outside india!!
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Inspite of all this negativity,I just want to say-We shall overcome. We are Doctors. We will win our respect back. If not,we shall atleast be prosperous. If in India,yay. If not in India,somewhere else,so be it. We shall be happy somewhere else. Every field has problems,we are starting to have them now. The others have become bad and professional. We will become too,if they force us too. Please correct me if I am wrong.... Read more
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