Clearance of Quadriceps Muscle Haematoma with Dobesilate
Musculoskeletal injuries are frequent in athletes, and strains are the most common lesions, especially in sports involving running. These conditions can produce tension overload in a passive muscle or eccentric overload in an actively contracting muscle [1]. Musculoskeletal injuries vary from mild or first degree to muscle tear or third degree. In many athletes, severe muscle strains can lead to haematoma formation that cannot be prevented. Early return to activity is needed to optimize the regeneration of healing skeletal muscle and recover the flexibility of strength of the injured skeletal muscle to pre-injury levels. Here we report the resolution of haematoma and longitudinal tear of the rectus femoris following quadriceps strain, in an athlete treated with dobesilate during two weeks.

Case Presentation
A 28-year old male Caucasian athlete presented in our clinic the day after suffering quadriceps strain in his left thigh, referring painful motion loss. On physical examination, an oedema was found on the anterior surface of his affected thigh. The pain was continuous and aggravated on palpation of the quadriceps muscle and any knee movement. There was no gap in quadriceps continuity....