Cleveland Clinic Cholesterol Study - How low can you go?
About one in four adults aged 40 and older takes a cholesterol-lowering statin. These meds have been game changers for people with high cholesterol. Research has shown statins can reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and death in high-risk patients. But adding another drug to the mix might offer even bigger benefits.
Sixty-one-year-old Carol Hrvatin has been battling high cholesterol for years.
"Probably in my 40's, I started noticing I had some high cholesterol," Hrvatin told Ivanhoe.
It caught up with her. The retired schoolteacher had a heart attack six years ago. Hrvatin now takes Repatha, an injectable medicine to lower her cholesterol. A new study found using this drug along with a statin can significantly lower LDL or bad cholesterol levels....