Clicking hyoid: A rare case report
Painful conditions of unexplained origin pose a challenging task for the clinician from both the diagnosis and treatment perspective. This might be accounted due to overlapping symptomatology; moreover, nonspecific subjective findings push the diagnostic process to a more perplexing direction.

The main loophole in their management lies in difficulty to make an appropriate diagnosis. Clicking hyoid is an extremely rare anomaly of hyoid bone which produces painful clicking in throat.

Published in the National Journal of Maxillofacial Surgery, the authors report a case of a young patient who presented with pain and clicking in throat which aggravated on swallowing. After a series of examinations, it was diagnosed as clicking hyoid and was managed successfully by surgical treatment.

A woman aged 35 years presented with 1-year history of clicking noise in her throat on swallowing. This was associated with pain but no difficulty on swallowing. She denied of any previous history of trauma.Taking into consideration, the patient's symptomatology; it was suspected to be a case of the salivary gland sialolith. On sialography and ultrasonography, no such finding was evident.

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