Clinical Utility of CV Risk Scores for Identification of Peo
This research identified three trials in type 2 diabetes that reported cardiovascular outcomes stratified by Thrombolysis In Myocardial Infarction Risk Scores for MACE and HHF. The HHF rate was less frequent than MACE at all risk levels but increased from 18% of the MACE rate at low-intermediate HHF risk to 61% at highest HHF risk. Similarly, with increasing MACE risk, the incidence of HHF increased from 19% of the MACE incidence in those at low MACE risk to 51% in those with the highest MACE risk. Estimated GLP-1RA– and SGLT2i-mediated reductions in cardiovascular events were similar in those at low-intermediate MACE or HHF risk but tended to favor SGLT2is at higher risk levels of both scores.

A greater increase in the rate of HHF relative to MACE was observed with progressively higher cardiovascular risk, regardless of the risk score applied. Consequently, SGLT2is may offer greater overall cardiovascular protection in those at highest MACE risk, not just those at highest HHF risk.