Clowning around to bring joy to patients #IncrediblyHealario
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The plain and silent atmosphere at Aster MedCity, Kochi, was broken impromptu by antics and guffaws erupting at regular intervals induced by five people dressed in white, attractive coats accompanied by red noses, hats, comical glasses, and makeup!

India’s first professionally trained hospital clowns - Dr Happy, Lolakutty & team from Chennai visited Kochi based hospital to introduce the concept of "Hospital clowning"; who have been performing at Chennai's govt. hospitals since 2015.

The team is a part of The Little Theatre, founded by Dr. Aysha Rau; comprising of Krishnakumar Balasubramanian, Dr. Rohini Rau, Shabeer Kallarakal, Vikas Rao and Egypth Dinesh who are trained by Hilary Chaplain, noted professional physical comedienne from US.

“My mother Aysha started The Little Theatre 28 years ago. A doctor, she had been thinking of bringing healthcare and theatre altogether. Four years ago, she became friends with New York-based master trainer in hospital clowning - Hilary Chaplain, from the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit who intensively trained 14 of us,” says Rohini.

A well-known practice in western countries, Clown care was popularised by American physician Patch Adams in 1970 who used to conduct world tours with volunteers dressed up as clowns to cheer up child patients and orphans.

“We enact stories and do magic to restore control back to the patients. That’s where the healing starts - from the mind. Laughter releases endorphins, which are considered natural painkillers.” says Krishnakumar; artistic director of the group.

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