Coblation Intracapsular Tonsillectomy in Children
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Intracapsular tonsillectomy (ICT) is increasingly adopted by pediatric centers worldwide due to its association with reduced pain, fast recovery, and low risks of post?operative complications.

Pediatric patients undergoing Coblation ICT, with or without adenoidectomy, for obstructive and/or infective indications were enrolled for this prospective consecutive case series.

The main outcome measures were health?Related quality of life (HRQL), analgesia requirement, post?operative hemorrhage rates, time to return to normal diet and activity or school/nursery, and parental satisfaction. Researchers report revision surgery rates and identify predictive factors for revision surgery.

A total of 1257 patients underwent Coblation ICT, with a median direct and implied follow?up of 101.5 and 1419 days respectively.
--Researchers noted significantly improved HRQL scores across all domains.

--The median analgesia requirement was six days and no patients required a return to theatre for postoperative hemorrhage.

--The majority of patients were eating a normal diet within 24 hours and returned to normal activity/school within a week post?operatively.

--Revision surgery was required in 2.6% of cases, mainly due to recurrent obstructive symptoms from tonsillar regrowth.

--Being under two years old at initial surgery, having severe OSA or severe comorbidities increased the risk of needing revision surgery.

In particular, long?term data demonstrates the efficacy and safety of Coblation ICT in pediatric patients across a range of indications.