Coinfections in ICU with Pulmonary TB and mucormycosis: A cl
Dual infections in intensive care might be encountered, especially in immunocompromised patients. Most of the dual infections cause a diagnostic dilemma and require a high degree of suspicion in susceptible individuals. However, dual infections with mucormycosis may follow a fulminant course and may be associated with higher mortality and morbidity. We hereby report coinfection of pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) with mucormycosis in a diabetic male that worsened rapidly in spite of the antimicrobial therapy targeted toward the same.
Case Report
Patient relatives have consented to the publication of the medical records for academic purpose. A 72-year-old nonsmoker male, known case of diabetes mellitus type II since 10 years, on oral hypoglycemic agents, presented with the complaints of altered sensorium with low-grade fever associated with pain abdomen and vomiting and was diagnosed to have severe urinary tract infection....