Cold Balanced Salt Solution (BSS) in the Prophylaxis of Cyst
A Study was conducted to evaluate the postoperative effect on central retinal macular thickness of a cooled irrigating eye solution used during cataract surgery.

In this prospective, single-center study, 100 eyes of 50 patients were evaluated with spectral domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) before and after phacoemulsification for senile cataract.

Eyes were randomly divided into two groups based on the irrigating solution used during surgery:
Group 1, 50 eyes received intraoperative irrigating solution at room temperature; and
Group 2, 50 fellow eyes received cold intraoperative irrigating solution.

Changes in central macular thickness (CMT) were evaluated in both groups by SD-OCT macular raster scan for the 9 Early Treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy Study (ETDRS) subfields and total macular volume, performed pre-surgery, and 1 and 4 weeks post-surgery.

--Despite there being no significant differences in variables between the two groups preoperatively, significant increases in CMT were observed at 1 week after surgery in both groups, as well as in total macular volume.

--Inter-subgroup analysis showed a significant reduction in CMT and total macular volume at 1 week post-surgery in Group 2 compared to Group 1, whereas no significant differences were observed at 4 weeks.

In summary, the utilization of a cooled, irrigation solution may benefit from the prevention of postoperative macular thickened following phacoemulsification.