Colon perforation as a complication of COVID-19: a case repo
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Coagulopathy induced by COVID-19 has received much attention. Arterial and venous thrombosis of multiple organs due to COVID-19-related coagulopathy is associated with a poor outcome.

A 67-year-female was transferred in need of intensive care for severe COVID-19 pneumonia. On day 7 after admission, despite the treatments, her respiratory and hemodynamic status deteriorated. Computed tomography revealed massive ascites and free air as well as wall defects of the transverse colon. An emergency laparotomy was undertaken in the intensive-care unit, and 17 cm of the transverse colon was resected. Histopathological findings revealed two perforation sites of 25 and 7 mm in diameter, necrosis of the intestinal mucosa around the perforation sites, and the microcirculatory thrombosis in the mesentery vessels which was suspected of having been induced by COVID-19-related coagulopathy.

The case highlights the risk of intestinal ischemia and perforation induced by COVID-19 coagulopathy. Physicians treating COVID-19 should recognize the risk and evaluate patients carefully.