Community transmission of COVID-19 certainly on, say experts
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The Indian Public Health Association (IPHA), Indian Association of Preventive and Social Medicine (IAPSM) and Indian Association of Epidemiologists have issued a joint statement that “community transmission is already well-established across large sections or sub-populations in the country”.

The statement added that the “draconian lockdown” was “presumably in response to a modeling exercise from an influential institution which presented a worst-case simulation”, which was shown to be way off the mark by subsequent events.

"From the limited information available in the public domain, it seems that the government was primarily advised by clinicians and academic epidemiologists with limited field training and skills,” said the statement.

Noting that most Covid-19 cases were either asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic, the associations recommended treatment of most cases at home instead of hospitalization.

They also stated that if migrants had been allowed to go home at the beginning of the epidemic when the spread was low, the current situation of returning migrants taking the infection to each and every corner of the country could have been avoided.

They recommended control of the pandemic at the state and district level using evidence-based interventions while simultaneously “ensuring optimal provisions for the livelihood of the poor and marginalized”.

The associations made 11 recommendations including replacing lockdown with cluster restrictions, scaling up diagnostic facilities to test, trace, track and isolate, sentinel and active surveillance to identify hot spots or clustering, avoiding social stigma, and protective gear for health workers.
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Interesting read. I am confident that damage control will be soon underway. After all,better late than never.
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