Complaints against docs are going to be the norm soon, says
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With the doctor-patient relationship now termed ‘consumer and service provider’, incidents of patients or their relatives coming with complaints against doctors in case of complications are on the rise.

This will be more rampant in the coming days and complaints against doctors will become the norm. In such cases, proper documentation is the only option that can be the savior for doctors, said Dr. Shivkumar Utture, President of Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC) on Saturday.

“Patients allege that doctors these days ask for unnecessary diagnostic tests. Many of them comment that a new generation of doctors have lost the clinical acumen our seniors used to have. But, we follow evidence-based practice and we must do all possible investigations before proper diagnosis,” he said.

Dr. Utture advised doctors to get the proper documentation of every investigation and why it was needed. Also to get proper consent in written form from the patient before the investigation and surgical procedures. This will help the doctors stand in the court of law in the future.

The conference VAPICON 2020 - the annual conference of Association of Physicians of India (API) Vidarbha Chapter, addressed by Dr. Utture - focused on approach to various common clinical problems in day to day practice with the theme this year as “We make healers”.

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Stating the obvious. But Yes,Well Stated.
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Good advice. Established principles stated in very acceptable words.
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