Complete avulsion of adductor longus after wakeboarder accid
The following case has been reported in the Journal of Orthopaedics and Allied Sciences.

Complete avulsion of the adductor longus muscle is uncommon in general, but it has been described in soccer, football, hockey, one case of skiing and horse riding. The rider reported herein is an experienced wakeboarder, performing the sport since 25 years.

He started from the regular position, left foot in front and legs deeply bended. Immediately after acceleration of the boat by the driver, he experienced popping and extreme pain in the left groin and suprapubic area.

Critical conditions at the wakeboard start are weight and training state of the rider (in this case, 169 cm and 69 kg, well trained) tension of the rope at the start, position and bending of legs on board. The cause of the accident can only be speculated, but retrospectively an unusual acceleration speed of the boat with abrupt load on the rope and rider may have added possibly to the accident.

- In summary, a conservative treatment of a completely avulsed adductor longus muscle as first here described on a wakeboarder, seems favorable over operative interventions, using an intense accelerated rehabilitation program.

- Early prednisone therapy, not reported so far, may be a valuable and effective intervention for pain and inflammation reduction with less risk than using nonsteroidal drugs which may intensify bleeding risk and hematoma forming.

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