Complex joint effusion as a result of septic arthritis: a ca
The present case has been published in the journal Annals of Emergency Medicine. A 9-year-old girl presented to the emergency department with a 1-day history of right hip pain on waking. She denied having any injury, fever, concurrent illnesses, or skin lesions.

Her medical history was unremarkable and her immunizations were up to date. On examination, she appeared well, had normal vital signs, and was afebrile. Examination of the right lower extremity did not reveal any edema, erythema, or rashes. She had painful range of motion of the right hip and was unable to weight bear. Bedside ultrasonography of both hips was performed.

She was diagnosed with complex joint effusion as a result of septic arthritis. The patient was transferred to a children’s hospital that evening and underwent irrigation and debridement.

Learning Points:-
• Pediatric septic arthritis is an uncommon surgical emergency, occurring in approximately 5 to 37 cases per 100,000.

• Hip involvement portends a worse prognosis than any other joint and requires prompt recognition and treatment.

• Presentation may be variable, but cardinal features include joint pain with passive range of motion and refusal to bear weight.

• A delayed diagnosis may lead to femoral head destruction, hip contracture, gait disturbance, and recurrent dislocations.

• Bedside ultrasonography can be a useful tool for the diagnosis of hip effusions in pediatric patients and has been shown to be a sensitive and specific examination in the hands of novice bedside sonographers.

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