Concerned about scope in dental field? Check out these 5 car
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When we talk about Bachelor of Dental Surgery or BDS, we relate it to vibrant yet stable dental field. Considering the limited career opportunities in dentistry, it is no exception to say that it is not so simple. Because we often get a little lost after graduation, as to – where should I go after BDS? What might be best and suitable career path for me after this? All these questions knock around our head like an annoying bell ringing incessantly whilst causing us confusion with its sound and effect. But worry not, listed below are five options that can help you shape your career post BDS.

1. Study Further:

MDS can be a great, and the most comfortable move to make for any BDS. If we look at the academic side, for MDS staff, the salary is high, and the opportunities are wonderful and presentable, especially in colleges as well as in clinics. But to pursue MDS, you must prepare well for NEET PG to get admission in the first place. A Master’s Degree in Dental Surgery will not only unlock amazing opportunities here, but also in abroad.

2. Government Job:

You can keep an eagle’s eye on various opportunities that come for BDS doctors at government hospitals and educational institutions. As a Junior Resident doctor you’ll fetch a lot of experience under Senior Residents, visiting Consultants, and HODs. With proper security and incentives, you will be financially well maintained. But, on the hindsight, there are less vacancies and more competition given the number of BDS passouts each year.

3. Exploring Opportunities Abroad:

If you are looking for dynamic and lucrative opportunities, you should definitely go abroad to Canada, UK, US, Australia or even Gulf countries where you’ll receive high earnings and a stable career besides the social benefits these countries have to offer.

4. Become a Dental Youtuber:

Did you know that you can earn a six figure monthly income by becoming a dental youtuber? This can be one of the turning points of your dental career. People are looking for information, especially new mothers and pregnant women. Your knowledge can offer them help as an authoritative source while your good video content can attract subscribers and hence money in a short span.

5. Your Own Clinic:

If you are confident with your handling of patients, you can set up a clinic. If you don’t have sufficient experience, it will be helpful to work under the guidance of a senior practitioner for a few years before starting on your own. Having set up your own clinic will take some time for you to get earnings, but also it is going to help you stabilize your financial standing, if you are driven and determined. Better yet, take courses on dental implants and other high earning special tasks to hone your skills besides making good money in the long run.