Conference at Mauritius
Conference at Mauritius
International Medical Sciences Academy, New Delhi, in association with Royal College of Physician and Surgeons Glasgow are planning to conduct an International conference at MAURITIUS in the month of October on 6and 7 2016. This conference includes CME covering all medical subjects and Free paper presentation by PG,UG and practitioners from all over the world. All are invited. I am the Organising chairman of this conference. Visit our website www. IMSACON 2016. All details will be given. If any querriries you are welcome to call me either thro mail or my mobile .Prof.S.M.Rajendran
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It will be good to attain to update the recent advances in medicine
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Dr. K●●●●●●a L●l S●●●●a General Medicine
Please let me know what is the registration fee and accommodation facilities.
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Go to our website www. All details will be there. Or if you send your email id we will send details.
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