Congenital CMV infection due to re-infection during pregnanc
The present case has been reported in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases.

A 27-year-old pregnant woman positive for anti-cytomegalovirus (CMV) antibodies gave birth to a congenitally CMV-infected neonate at 40 weeks gestation. According to strain-specific serological analysis, which is able to determine the two types of CMV glycoprotein H (gH), the mother possessed anti-gH(To) antibodies only but the neonate possessed anti-gH(AD) and anti-gH(To) antibodies at 4 weeks after birth.

As the anti-gH(To) IgG was decreased at 8 months post-delivery in the neonate, these antibodies are thought to have been transferred from mother as maternal antibodies. The anti-gH(AD) IgG level was maintained even after 8 months post-delivery in the child.

Congenital infection with CMV gH(AD) type strain was confirmed by strain specific real-time PCR using a urine specimen from the child. On the other hand, anti-gH(AD) IgG was not detected even after 8 months postdelivery in a maternal specimen. The mother only produced antibodies against the CMV strain identified as the primary infection, which is characteristic of original antigenic sin.

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