Congenital Giant Dysplastic Kidney Presenting as Respiratory
Multicystic dysplastic kidney (MCDK) is the most common form of renal cystic disease in children and is one of the most common causes of abdominal mass in infancy. Here in we are reporting a rare case of a large MCKD that caused respiratory compromise and the infant presented with respiratory distress.

A primigravida with supervised pregnancy delivered a full term 3.7 kg male baby at PGIMS Rohtak. The baby was born of non-consanguineous marriage, with no history of exposure to any teratogens. Baby cried immediately at birth and Apgar score was normal. On examination, baby appeared healthy but had a huge distended abdomen. The infant was in respiratory distress with respiratory rate of 70/min and mild subcostal retractions. Baby was admitted to NICU and started on oxygen via nasal prongs and other supportive management. Nasogastric tube was inserted and anal patency was checked. The Mean arterial pressure was 45 mmHg. The abdomen was distended and a huge cystic abdominal mass occupying whole of the abdomen was palpable. X-ray abdomen showed a huge homogenous soft tissue opacity occupying almost whole abdomen pushing gut to the left side. (Fig. 1) CT scan abdomen showed a large multicystic kidney lesion measuring 14x 11.5x 8.5 mm arising from right renal fossa. The lesion was crossing the midline and displacing bowel loops with no invasion in solid viscera....