Congenital Oculomotor Synkinesis - A Case Study
A case of oculomotor synkinesis was presented with a deviation of the right eye and intermittent total ptosis associated with abnormal lid movements since birth. Her mother has been suffering from tuberculosis with an irregular usage of anti-tubercular treatment during pregnancy. The strabismus was corrected with maximal unilateral recession and resection with acceptable post-op results.

Case report
A 19-year-old female reported to our hospital with complaints of deviation of right eye and restriction of movements. She also complained of diminution of vision and abnormal movements of the eyelid in the right eye since childhood. Her parents revealed that the presence of abnormal eyelid movements and deviation of the right eye were there since birth. She complained of intermittent and involuntary closure and the opening of the right eyelid associated with facial expressions like smiling and during sleep. Her mother had a history of tuberculosis for which she had taken anti-tubercular drugs irregularly for 6 months during her pregnancy (no medical records were available). Her mother does not recall any use of isotretinoin or Vitamin A supplements. There were no complaints of diplopia, tearing or any asthenopic symptoms. There was no history of spectacle wear, ocular trauma or surgery as well as any systemic illness. Her birth was a normal vaginal delivery at full term. Family and sibling history were also not significant.