Congenital Rubella - Clinical Images
An 8-month-old child was brought to pediatric ophthalmology services by his parents, who reported that he had had white opacities in both eyes and “shaky” eyes since 4 months of age.

On examination, the child had wandering eye movements with bilateral central, dense, white, nuclear congenital cataracts, bilateral microcornea (corneal diameter in each eye, 10 mm), bilateral microphthalmia (axial length of each eye, 17 mm), and nystagmus.

Fundus examination - A normal optic disk with rubella retinopathy — a classic salt-and-pepper appearance of the retina that is due to the distribution of areas of increased and decreased pigmentation.

Serum studies showed IgM and IgG antibodies that were positive for rubella...
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