Congenital aneurysm of the palmar digital artery: a case rep
Spontaneous arterial aneurysms of the hand are uncommon but are well-described in the adult population. In the pediatric population, however, congenital or true aneurysms of the hand are exceptionally rare.

The following case has been reported in the Radiology Case Reports. A 13-month-old child presented with an aneurysm of the common digital artery and underwent surgical excision without need for reconstruction. Literature review found 13 documented cases. Patient characteristics and management strategies were summarized.

There are very few documented cases of hand arterial aneurysms in the pediatric population, with our patient being the third youngest ever reported. No cases were associated with hereditary disease, and aneurysm excision was performed in all cases.

This case report highlights the need to include arterial aneurysm in a differential diagnosis when evaluating a pediatric patient with a palpable hand mass.

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