Congenital dislocation of knee with ipsilateral developmenta
The present case has been reported in the Journal of Orthopaedics and Allied Sciences

A full-term baby girl (weight 3 kg), born by normal vaginal delivery with a breech presentation in the hospital (of a nonconsanguineous marriage), presented with congenital hyperextension of the left knee (Grade III). On examination, the left knee was hyperextended and flexed passively, and a deep crease was noted on the anterior aspect of the right thigh.

Since congenital hyperextension of the knee is associated with developmental dysplasia of hip, CTEV (congenital talipes equino varus), and congenital vertical talus, the patient was examined clinically for the three conditions. There was no abnormality noted in the foot; however, there was an abnormality noted in the ipsilateral hip which was evident on X-rays.

A detailed examination of the left hip was carried out, and following were the clinical findings: asymmetrical groin fold, gluteal folds on a higher level, trochanter proximally migrated, limitation of abduction with increase in internal rotation, Galeazzi sign positive, and Ortolani and Barlow's test positive. To confirm the diagnosis of DDH, X-ray pelvis with both hip and ultrasonography (USG) left hip at 2 weeks after birth was performed.

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