Conjunctival melanoma in a child: A clinicopathological repo
Published in the Saudi Journal of Ophthalmology, the authors
report a case of a 16 years old boy who presented with a large brownish lesion measuring 20 × 12 mm on the temporal conjunctive in his right eye. Anterior segment optical coherence topography revealed cystic spaces without scleral involvement.

The patient underwent conjunctival excisional biopsy using “no touch” technique with double freeze-thaw cryotherapy to underside of the adjacent conjunctival margins. Excision involved 4 mm of the surrounding apparently normal conjunctiva.

Absolute alcohol epitheliectomy was done at the limbus and surrounding 2 mm of cornea to devitalize residual atypical melanocytes if any. Histopathology confirmed diagnosis of conjunctival melanoma. The patient was started on topical mitomycin C 0.04% with one weekly on and off cycles postoperatively. No recurrence was noted after nine months follow up.

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