Conservative management of delayed presentation of intraperi
Bladder injury is an uncommon complication of cesarean delivery (CD) with an incidence ranging from 0.0016% to 0.94%. The risk factors are emergency CDs, subsequent CDs, trial of normal delivery after CD and whether adhesions are present or not. The presentation is either immediate intraoperative event or delayed bladder rupture and urinary ascites.

A 35-year-old female presented with considerable abdominal distension, shortness of breath, oliguria, straining to void and elevated levels of blood urea and serum creatinine 11 days after an uneventful Caesarean delivery. Abdominal ultrasound showed marked ascites. Immediate resuscitation was done, a urethral catheter and percutaneous intraperitoneal pigtail catheter were inserted confirming urinary ascites. Next day cystoscopy was performed and revealed a perforation at the posterior wall of the bladder. She was kept on conservative treatment with adequate urine diversion through both urethral and intraperitoneal catheter. Her condition improved and responded well.

Source: International Journal of Surgery Case Report

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