Consistency in Pregnancy Outcomes in Women With Moderate-to-
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A Study was conducted to report the pregnancy outcomes observed in the Psoriasis Longitudinal Assessment and Registry (PSOLAR). This cohort study used data from PSOLAR, a multicenter, disease-based, observational registry evaluating long-term safety and clinical outcomes for patients receiving or eligible to receive treatment for psoriasis with biologics and/or conventional systemic therapies. Of 12090 enrollees, 5456 were women, and 2224 women were of childbearing age (18-45 years). Participants had a total of 12929 patient-years of follow-up.

Exposure was to biologics within the prenatal period (less than 1 year before birth or less than 6 months before spontaneous abortion) or at any other time.

Descriptive summaries of pregnancies and pregnancy-related outcomes were self-reported in PSOLAR, including births, stillbirths, spontaneous abortions, and elective terminations. Live birth characteristics collected in PSOLAR include whether a birth was full-term (more than 37 weeks) or premature (less than 37 weeks) and whether neonatal adverse events or congenital anomalies occurred.

-A total of 298 pregnancies occurred among 220 women, and the general fertility rate was 18.9 per 1000 women aged 18 to 45 years.

--Of the 298 pregnancies, 244 resulted in birth, 41 ended in spontaneous abortion, and 13 were electively terminated.

--Gestational age was available for 243 births; 221 infants were full-term, and 22 were born prematurely.

--Birth outcomes included 231 healthy newborns, 10 infants with a neonatal problem, 2 infants with a congenital anomaly, and 1 stillbirth.

--Of the 298 pregnancies, 252 were associated with biologic exposure before or during pregnancy.

--Pregnancy outcomes for women exposed to biologics were similar to those for women exposed to nonbiologics.

--Among women who became pregnant, mean age at the time of pregnancy outcome was 30.9 years; at enrollment into the registry, 74 of 219 had obesity, and 121 of 220 were past or current smokers.

Conclusively, the findings of this cohort study suggest that pregnancy outcomes in PSOLAR have remained consistent with previous reports. Overall and live birth outcomes were similar to those for the general population.