Consumption Of Diet Drinks May Thwart Weight Loss Initiative
A study compared the brain responsiveness of healthy young adults to different types of high-calorie food cues (sweet and savoury), metabolic responses, and eating behaviour after consuming sucralose (NNS) vs sucrose (nutritive sugar).Participants in the study in three independent visits completed a fMRI task that measured blood oxygen level–dependent signal in response to visual stimuli.They discovered BMI status by drink interactions for BOLD signal response to viewing savoury food vs non food cues in the MFC and OFC, and post hoc stratified analyses revealed that individuals with obesity, but not those with overweight or healthy weight, exhibited greater BOLD percentage signal change to savoury vs non food cues after sucralose compared to sucrose. The data suggest that young female participants had a higher sensitivity to nutrition sensing. In conclusion, this study emphasizes the need of taking individual biological variables into account in research investigations and possibly in dietary advice about the usage and efficacy of NNS for body weight management.

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