Contribute to India's First Consent Form Repository'
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Dear Doctor,

A good consent form goes a long way in safeguarding you against accusations of medical negligence and miscommunication. However, there is no common standard for Consent forms in India and as a result, many teams rely on hand-written forms or incomplete templates.

We are launching a open-source movement called Doctors' Consent Form Repository to make different procedure-related Consent forms available to all doctors across India. Any doctor can download/modify/print the form of his choice from the repository and use in his practice.

If you or your team have designed your own consent forms after much thought and effort, we invite you to contribute the same and help your colleagues across the country. You can add your forms to the database by

1) emailing them to or
2) attaching them here:

The form may be in jpg, pdf or doc format and in any language.

Why should I contribute to the repository?
We, doctors in India, need to unite in defending ourselves against the increasing menace of patient misbehaviour, aggression and litigation. If you or your team has painstakingly prepared consent forms for your area of practice, you will do your colleagues a great favour by sharing your templates with them. Many doctors in different corners of India (and the world) would benefit from your contribution and maybe saved from career-damaging litigation some day.

What is open-source movement?
Open source is a world-wide movement where original authors or owners of any kind of work make their work available publicly for all other users in the world, with the objective of enhancing knowledge and development in their field. Wikipedia, where we find almost all our answers today is the most well-known example of open-source movement.
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