Controlled diet may reverse diabetes: Study
Is reversal of diabetes possible with calorie modification? A new study conducted abroad, which is being followed with case-controlled studies in India, promises this possibility. In this experimental treatment module, also referred to as Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD), patients with early onset diabetes are not given medication but are put on a controlled diet -reducing daily calorie intake by less than half of normal diet -for rapid weight loss.
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S●●●●●●●m R●●●●●●●n Diabetology
No doubt low carb and low calorie diet will definitely have good effect on glucose level. Diet and exercise are the first line of treatment
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Dr. d●●●●k v●●●a Internal Medicine
DM is a very complex syndrome every pt has his own DM same treatment cannot be prescribed for even identical ptatap. Only trial n error with experience u can control the disease. But diet exercise n medication can definitely help.
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