Coronary pseudoaneurysm after Bentall-Bono intervention
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A rare case of a coronary pseudoaneurysm after a Bentall-Bono procedure. During a routine follow-up computed tomography scan, a pseudoaneurysm located between the aorta and the proximal portion of the right coronary artery was diagnosed. Contrast extravasation was observed with partial thrombosis of the pseudoaneurysm. Coronary angiography and intravascular ultrasound were performed showing the point of contrast extravasation dependent of the right coronary artery in its proximal portion. An angioplasty procedure was performed sealing the pseudoaneurysm with the implantation of a covered stent. After an uneventful postoperative follow-up, the patient was discharged home.

The development of a coronary artery pseudoaneurysm (CAP) after complex cardiac surgeries, like Bentall-Bono procedure, could be a life-threatening condition. The possible derived complications of CAP are rupture, compression of surrounding structures, or coronary ischemia.
Although surgical approach to a CAP may have an extremely high surgical risk, most of the cases require a complex surgical repair. We describe a novel possible treatment option by angioplasty and sealing of the CAP with the implantation of a covered stent.